In my practice, I explore emotional dualities and complex emotions, such as the paradoxes of parenting, the deep pain and grief of love, and how our inner worlds transpose our actions in the outer world. My work is autobiographical, as I am continually on a quest to discover a visual language for things that are not able to be articulated with words. As a single mother, I am shook by the mess and the glory of loving so deeply. I let the materials carry the heavy weight.


Ama has 10+ years of working with children of all abilities. She holds two degrees from CSU Chico: Fine Art in Painting & Drawing and Art Education. She has shown her work in galleries and juried shows across California.

From experience, Ama understands that art can be fun and liberating. Yet, the message we oftentimes tell ourselves is that if we’re not good at art immediately, then we are not an artist. This removes the joy of the process while leading to feelings of inadequacy and frustration. In reality, creativity is a hallmark of being human-- we all have it. Therefore, it is imperative we learn to access it without putting ourselves down in the process.

In her teaching practice, Ama coaches and guides students to trust their own intuition as they make bold decisions, validating that their own creativity is a valued and deeply important contribution to this world. Students will learn that art is not just about making pretty pictures (although those are great too), but rather, a powerful tool to process complex emotions, build confidence, and help you become the most authentic version of yourself.