Art has the ability to empower, heal, and transform an individual or group. Read some of the parent testimonials from Ama's students and their families.


Totally Amazed

Both our son (4 1/2) and daughter (7) have attended Ama's art camp and it was a game changer. Both kids went from casual artists to constant innovative thinkers in just those three days. They suddenly had ideas and creative juice I have never seen, daily. Talk about empowering! They certainly felt a creative license to express themselves... but my son... he was impacted the most. He is a super shy kid and we decided to have him do a camp with a schoolmate of his. It turned out to be the best choice we ever made. He was suddenly talking, singing, and dancing up a storm at school after two years of TOTAL shyness. What the heck?! It was like a hose was unkinked, and suddenly every thought or idea just came pouring out. No joke, Ama and her art has some real magic. Not to mention, the art the kids make is top notch (EVEN FRAMED WORK!), and we display it in our house proudly. Thank you, Ama!
- Shenlyn & Martin

Give the Gift of Art

Ama seeks to serve children who are disadvantaged and/or being raised by single parents. Art is a powerful tool that can be used therapeutically to build confidence and ease tensions created by socioeconomic disadvantages.

If you are able, please consider donating to the scholarship fund to make art affordable for everyone, or choose to Gift a Session to a Student ($150) — this will gift a student with a week at Art Camp.

To apply for a scholarship, please send me an email stating your need.