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8x10 inches each

Acrylic & plaster on wood panel

$100 each


Each painting has a prayer written underneath it (as well as on the back for you to see) that serve as a fortune to you, and the energy of the prayer passed on to the paintings viewers. In a time of so much disconnection amongst humanity, this set of paintings was created at the same time, to represent the collective. We are more alike than our differences, and this project was created in hopes of unifying one another, despite our differences. When we keep compassion, empathy, and love at the forefront of our lives, we can see ourselves in others. These prayers are for all of us, so that we will never forget to cherish this life and one another.


Painting(s) can be picked up* at the Prayers reception Thursday August 31st 6-9PM at 325 Main St. Chico. CA


*if you need to have your painting(s) shipped, no problem! Just click the shipping option at checkout & after the reception I will ship it out to you.




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